March Specials

Shiro-Pada-Abhyanga Massage
60 Min $85 (Reg $125)

Abhyanga massage focused on the shoulder, head, face, lower legs and feet.

Aloe vera Detox Massage + Lavender Back Salt Scrub

75  Min $95 (Reg $159)

Mixture of Aloe vera gel, Honey, coconut oil and aromatherapy essential oils heal dry/damaged skin and help bring
back glow and suppleness. This treatment will seal the moisture into your skin layers and you will feel renewed.

Coconut - Honey - Almond Facial (Extractions included) 60 Min $69 (Reg)$125

This facial is a winter  treat  to the skin and ingredients are fresh and good enough to eat too:  Coconut is considered a divine plant in Vedic tradition and is a great softner, moisturizer and wound healer. All the ingredients put together in this facial, work wonders on dry, chapped skin in winter.  

Absolute Cleanse Package
 3 Hrs, $299 (Reg $395)
Includes : Aroma-Abhyanga massage, Herbal Exfoliation, Clean-up facial, Lavender Foot Salt scrub, Shirodhara.

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