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$49 Facials with URMI, Mon-Wed
No Extractions


60 Min Alovera Detox Facial
60 Min Honey-Lime-Cucumber Facial

Suggested Add-ons

15 Min Head Massage           $25

15 Min Hand Treatment: includes Herbal Hand Exfoliation and Pumpkin Papaya mask   $25

Brow Shaping (wax or Threading)      $12

Underarms Wax    $12
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Shila-Abhyanga (Ayurvedic hot stones treatment)
60 Min $79 (Reg $125)

Shila-abhyanga is Ayurvedic version of Hot stone Massage. It starts with warm oil abhyanga treatment and then heated stones are rubbed all over the body. Few of the benefits of Shila-abhyanga are - Relieves pain and moisturizes, hydrates and detoxifies the body tissue; Cleans, tones and conditions muscle tissue ; rejuvenates, exfoliates and beautifies the skin tissue.

Honey-LIme-Cucumber Facial
90 Min $95 (Reg $175)

60 Min $69 (Reg $135) 
Honey, Cucumber and Lime enjoy an age old reputation as skin healers, softeners and moisturizers.  These three ingredients, when used together, reduce the discomforts of skin irritations, while promoting new cell growth. This simple and sensual facial will leave the skin soft and plump.

Absolute Cleanse Package
 3 Hrs, $325 (Reg $395)
Includes : Aroma-Abhyanga massage, Herbal Exfoliation, Honey-lime-cucumber facial, Lavender Foot Salt scrub, Shirodhara.

Aroma - Abhyanga
60 Min $79 (Reg $125)

Abhyanga treatment with Rose-Sandalwood or Lavender-basil infused herbal oils.

Quick-Fix Stress Buster Package
75 Min $95 (Reg $135)

Back, head and feet massage + Clean-up facial - all together will make you feel few pounds lighter and be floating with great energy.

Anti-Stress Package
75 Min $95 (Reg $135)

This package includes 25 Min Padaabhyanga (lower leg and foot massage), 20 Min Shiroabhyanga (head & back massage),
30 Min Shirodhara (Warm herbal oil drip on the third eye).

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