Shiro-Abhyanga  (Indian Head Massage)
60 Min $65 (Reg $95)
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Indian head massage is a unique treatment. It concentrates on the head, neck and shoulders, which are important energy centers within the body. The effects are not just physical but on the emotional level as well by calming the spirit, promoting relaxation and relieving stress. In addition to healthy hair growth, other benefits of Head Massage include more restful sleep, more energy and mental clarity and improvement in concentration.
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Honey-Lime -Cucumber Facial
90 Min $89 (Reg $175)  
Honey, Cucumber and Lime enjoy an age old reputation as skin healers, softeners and moisturizers.  These three ingredients, when used together, reduce the discomforts of skin irritations, while promoting new cell growth. This simple and sensual facial will leave the skin soft and plump.
1 Day Mini Panchakarma 
Consultation + 2 hrs Treatments
$325 (Reg $365) 
Mini Panchakarma is offered to de-stress and get a sneak-peak into our 5-21 days Panchakarma services. You will start with Panchakarma Consultation. During the treatments session, you get Abhyanga therapy ( Ayurvedic body oil treatment), Shiro-Abhyanga (Head Massage),  Pada-Abhyanga (Foot Massage), Shirodhara (Warm oil stream on forehead).  Treatments can be customized as needed. 

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Anti-Stress Package   
75 Min $85 (Reg $135)
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This package includes 25 Min Padaabhyanga (lower leg and foot massage), 20 Min Shiroabhyanga (head & neck massage), 30 Min Shirodhara (Warm herbal oil stream on third eye)
Aloe-Vera - Honey Detox Massage+Back Lavender Salt Scrub

60 Min $75 (Reg $135)
90 Min $99 (Reg $185)
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