All Valentine's Day Special Abhyanga treatments ​come with Rose Sandalwood infused aromatherapy oil.

Aroma Abyanga Massage ​​
60 Min $85 (Reg $125)
Abhyanga with herbal oils infused with aromatherapy essential oils of Rose and Sandalwood.
 Some of the benefits of Abhyanga Massage are: 
· Reverses, prevents aging and increases longevity   · Removes fatigue and stress from work and life overall   · Promotes good vision   · Nourishes the body and promotes sturdiness   · Relieves insomnia   · Oil rubbed into the skin prevents dehydration and strengthens the nerves.
· Stimulates antibody production and thus strengthens the immune system.

Aloe vera Detox Massage + Lavender Back Salt Scrub

75  Min $95 (Reg $159)

Mixture of Aloe vera gel, Honey, coconut oil and aromatherapy essential oils heal dry/damaged skin and help bring
back glow and suppleness. This treatment will seal the moisture into your skin layers and you will feel renewed.

Amla-Papaya-Honey Facial (Extractions included)

60 Min $75 (Reg $135)
Beneficial in cell turnover, skin brightening, boost collagen production
to prevent the signs of aging. (Extractions not included)

Rose-Honey-Sandalwood Facial
60 Min $75 (Reg $125)

Rose, honey and sandalwood are highly prized for skin care and aromatherapy. This facial helps you get a
velvety, smooth skin with a radiant glow. Relaxation comes as a bonus! ​​

Anti-Stress Package
75 Min $95 (Reg $135)

This package includes 25 Min Padaabhyanga (lower leg and foot massage), 20 Min Shiroabhyanga (head & neck massage),
30 Min Shirodhara (Warm herbal oil drip on third eye)

Absolute Cleanse Package
 3 Hrs , $299 (Reg $395)
Includes : Aroma-Abhyanga massage, Herbal Exfoliation, Clean-up facial, Lavender Foot Salt scrub, Shirodhara.

 Ayurvedic Detox Package 
3 Hrs $
375 (Reg $450)            Book Online

This package includes: Aroma-Abhyanga Massage , Gharashana (Silk gloves exfoliation), Pada-abhyanga (FootReflexology), Shiroabhyanga (Head Massage), Karna Purna (Ear Cleansing Treatment), Nasya (Sinus Treatment), choice of facial rejuvenation massage or Shirodhara (Warm oil stream on third eye).

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Rose Sandalwood Abhyanga Oil
8 oz $19 (Reg $35)
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