Ayurvedic Treatments
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Skin Care Treatments
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Herbal Cleansing Facial ( Extractions included) 60 Min $95
This treatment is designed for total relaxation and skin rejuvenation. Herbs are used to deeply exfoliate the skin and then followed by a facial massage. Facial massage tones the cheeks and smooths away laugh lines and wrinkles on the forehead. You will finish up with invigorating  steam and customized mask. Extractions are included in the package.

Herbal Cleansing Facial and Pada-Abhyanga (Lower leg and foot massage) 60 Min $125, 90 Min $160
Ayurvedic Herbal Cleansing Facial with Back Massage 90 Min $160
Ayurvedic Herbal Cleansing Facial with Shiro-Pada-abhyanga (Head and Foot Massage) 90 Min  $160

Ayurvedic Herbal Cleansing Facial with Abhayanga (Ayurvedic Massage)
2 Hrs  $190

Ayurvedic deep pore cleansing Bacial (Back Facial) 90 Min  $150

Ayurvedic Bacial and Head Massage (Back Facial and Head Massage) 
2hrs  $199
Simply Clean-Up Facial  (with Deep Pore Exfoliation, no extractions) 
30 Min  $65

Pumpkin-Honey Facial Peel 30 Min $85
Beneficial in cell turnover, skin brightening, boost collagen production
to prevent the signs of aging. (Extractions not included)

Aloe Vera Detox Facial (Extractions included) : 60 Min $125
Aloe vera is said to be a magic formula for most of the skin conditions. It does wonders to the sun exposed skin. In short Aloe vera is hydrating, moiosturizing and rejuvenating. Fresh Aloe vera leaf gel and organic Aloe vera juice is used in this treatment. It will be a great treat for all, especially for conditions like- sunburns, acne, eczema, anti-aging. We customize this facial by adding other ingredients, like- cucumber, lime juice, mango pulp, honey, rose water.

Papaya-Pumpkin-Honey Facial (Extractions included), 60 Min $135
Papaya contains vitamin A in high concentration, which helps protect skin from the damaging effects of free radicals and reduce the signs of aging. It also contains an enzyme called papain which helps break down inactive proteins, so it gets rid of dead skin cells to leave the skin smooth and radiant. It also helps lighten age spots, get rid of wrinkles, and unclog pores. Pumpkins are full of anti-oxidants and enzymes. When used on skin or body it acts as natural exfoliator and helps get rid of dead skin cells. Due to high anti-oxidant contents in pumpkin, it also helps fight the signs of aging.  Papaya-pumpkin-honey mask in the end will nourish the skin and provide moisture boost. 
Benefits of the Papaya-Pumpkin-Honey Facial: Treats hyper-pigmentation, Reduces fine lines, Cleanses skin pores, Activates cell regeneration, Exfoliates the skin to improve its tone & texture, Improves skin’s hydration & detoxifies the skin in a gentle way, Serves as an Anti-ageing maintenance 
Leg and foot massage soothes your mind and body while the mask is doing wonders on your skin. (Optional to add leg and foot massage. 20 Min $35 )
* Fresh Papaya and pumpkin are used for this Facial. 
Honey - Lime - Cucumber Facial (Extractions included) 60 Min $125
Honey, Cucumber and Lime enjoy an age old reputation as skin healers, softeners and moisturizers.  These three ingredients, when used together, reduce the discomforts of skin irritations, while promoting new cell growth. This simple and sensual facial will leave the skin soft and plump.

Coconut - Honey - Almond Facial (Extractions included) 60 Min $125
This facial is a winter  treat  to the skin and ingredients are fresh and good enough to eat too: Coconut milk, runny honey, almonds powder and milk, rose water. Coconut is considered a divine plant in Vedic tradition and is a great softner, moisturizer and wound healer. All these ingredients put together in this facial work wonders on dry, chapped skin in winter.  Invigorating Coconut foot scrub and massage can be added on when face mask is on.  End result is softer skin, cell renewal, natural glow to skin and absolutely relaxed soul!

Coconut - Honey - Almond Facial with Coconut Foot scrub and massage 60 Min $145, 90 Min $175

Add a Basic Cleansing Facial with any one hour or up treatment,
30 Min $45 (Reg 65)

Aloe-Mint-Neem Facial 60 Min $125
Aloe vera, mint, neem have been used for centuries to keep acne and other skin problems away. These nutrient-rich ingredients provide anti-septic, anti-bacterial, detoxifying and cleansing benefits for thr skin. Other ingredients used in this facial may be rose water, honey, lemon juice. Its a great facial treatment in most seasons, especially in summer.

Body Scrubs
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Salt Scrub   45 Min $75
Salt is a natural pain reliever. According to Ayurveda, salt can be used externally as a local application for pain. Salt scrub will remove the dead skin and relieve the pain.

Coconut Scrub  45 Min $85, 60 Min $115
Dead skin cells are exfoliated with a hydrating, all-natural scrub made from coconut husk, sea salt, coconut oil, and coconut milk. 

Aloe vera Detox : 45 Min $95
Mixture of Aloe vera gel, Honey, coconut oil and aromatherapy essential oils heal dry/damaged skin and help bring back glow and suppleness. This treatment will seal the moisture into your skin layers and you will feel renewed.

Honey-Lime-Oats Body Treat 45 Min $95 
All three ingredients are mixed together to make a paste and then rubbed over your body. Honey nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It has traditionally been used to soften scar  tissue and encourage the growth of new skin. Astringent properties of lime and coarseness of oats are added to this honey treat to make you feel polished and soft.


Body Treatments
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Add Herbal Body Steam to any 60 Min or up service          20 Min $45 

Abhayanga a-bh-yan-ga (Ayurvedic Body Massage with Herbal Oils)
30 Min  $65    60 Min  $95      90 Min  $140

Abhyanga is a very beneficial body treatment. Oils and strokes are chosen according to body type and body condition. Some of the benefits of abhyanga are: 
· Reverses, prevents aging and increases longevity.
· Removes fatigue and stress from work and life overall.
· Promotes good vision.
· Nourishes the body and promotes sturdiness.
· Relieves insomnia.
· Oil rubbed into the skin prevents dehydration and strengthens the nerves.
· Stimulates antibody production and thus strengthens the immune system.
*It is best to wait at least an hour before taking a bath to let the oil nourish and detoxify all the tissue layers.

Aroma-Abhyanga 60 Min $125, 90 Min $175
Abhyanga with herbal oils infused with aromatherapy essential oils. 

Vishesh ( Deep Ayurvedic Massage) 60 Min $125, 90 Min $175
Vishesh means special. This is deeper version of Ayurvedic Massage, done with warm herbal oils. Vigorous and rythmic strokes are used to remove adhesions in the muscle and connective tissue. It is helpful for soothing sore, tired or aching muscles, stiff  joints. It dissloves and cleanses ama (toxins) from the sunburns, improves blood circulation, helps in joint mobility and lymphatic flow. Balancing for Kapha and Pitta Doshas.

Elakizhi (Heated Herbal Poultice Massage)  60 Min $135, 90 Min $185
The heated muslin parcel of aromatic herbs and spices (popularly known as Elakizhi in Ayurveda) is a heavenly Ayurvedic treatment. It is unchanged sinces ages and is still used to alleviate pain by opening the pores and bringing a medicinal heat to the muscles to induce relaxation.

Abhyanga-Gharshana (Ayurvedic Massage & Silk Gloves Exfoliation)
60 Min $115, 90 Min $165
This is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment, featuring a dry lymphatic skin brushing with a silk glove, followed by herbal oil treatment. The brushing (gharshana) increases circulation, cleans the skin and stimulates the removal of accumulated toxins, so herbal oil treatment penetrates deeply. In Abhyanga Massage, oils and strokes are chosen according to body type and body condition. Some of the benefits of abhyanga are: Reverses, prevents aging and increases longevity. Removes fatigue and stress from work and life overall. especially Nourishes the body and promotes sturdiness. Relieves insomnia. Oil rubbed into the skin prevents dehydration and strengthens the nerves. Stimulates antibody production and thus strengthens the immune system.

Marma Abhyanga Massage 60 Min $125, 90 Min $175
This treatment manipulates and massages various marmas or energy pressure points in the body. The Marmas are said to be the junctions of body and mind. Abhayanga massage lemon on these points with specific massage oils or powders based on the constitution of the person.

Chakra Balancing  60 Min $140, 90 Min $199
Chakras, the seven energy centers are aligned along the spine and are responsible for dispensing energy  to all the body's tissues through 72000 separate channels. These energy centers are basis of all the Yoga systems. When  Chakras are balanced, we feel healthy and capable, but when out of balance, they are the cause of ailments. This treatment starts with very low pitch Ckahra chanting and then followed by subtle massage to balance the Chakras. Ayurvedic Massage oils, essentials oils and colorful Chakra gem stones are used for this treatment. Chakra massage helps regulate the body from behind the nervous system. Some of the benefits are - balances body's life energy, brings sense of self, positive energy, positive feelings and deep relaxation.

Chakra Balancing and Shirodhara 90 Min $215

Shila-abhyanga (Ayurvedic Hot Stones Massage)  
60 Min $125, 90 Min $175
Shila-abhyanga is Ayurvedic version of hot stone Massage.  It starts with body oil massage and then followed by a hot stone massage. Heated stones are rubbed all over the body. Stones also help penetrate the oil deep in the tissue, open the pores and relax the tissue. Few of the benefits of Shila-abhyanga are - Relieves pain and moisturizes, hydrates and detoxifies; is anti-aging;  cleans, tones, renews and conditions muscle tissue; rejuvenates, exfoliates and beautifies the skin tissue; helps in conditions like - spondylitis, sciatica, upper and lower back pain.

Pre-Natal Massage 60 Min $115, 5 Sessions special $495
The practices of massage, yoga asanas and meditation help in the proper development of the fetus. Massage also provides relaxation, promotes flexibility and facilitates an easy delivery.

Post-partum Massage 60 Min $125, 5 Sessions  $499, 10 Sessions $899
A woman’s body undergoes a lot of physical and mental strain during the process of delivery. Postpartum massage helps the new mother’s body to recognize itself and to relax, thus promoting a quick recovery. Regular massage with oil can help the muscles regain their natural shape after delivery.

Indian Head Massage 30 Min $75, 5 Sessions special $299
Indian head massage is a unique treatment. It concentrates on the head, neck and shoulders, which are important energy centers within the body. The effects are not just physical but on the emotional level as well by calming the spirit, promoting relaxation and relieving stress. In addition to healthy hair growth, other benefits of Head Massage include more restful sleep, more energy and mental clarity and improvement in concentration.

Pada-abhyanga  (Lower legs & Foot massage) 30 Min $75,
5 Sessions special $299
A very stimulating massage of the lower legs and the nutrient-rich activate the acupressure points. It is very soothing to the eyes, alleviates burning of the eyes, induces deep sleep, improves luster of the skin, smoothens cracked great of the feet, relieves tiredness of the feet.

Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapies
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Shirodhara (warm oil flow on third eye)   60 Min  $115 (35 Min $75 add-on only)
Shirodhara is a very unique treatment in Ayurveda. Warm oil poured on the forehead is one of the most divine and relaxing therapies one can experience.‘Shiro’ means head and ‘dhara’ mean flow. A healthy glow radiates from the skin after this treatment. Eyes feel relieved and gleam with tranquility. Shirodhara is very helpful for people who are overworked and stressed. It also relieves insomnia.
Udvartan (Ayurvedic Herbal Exfoliation) 60 Min $135, 90 Min $175
Combination of dry herbs or herbal pastes (Ubtan), salts, flowers, greens, whole grains are rubbed into the skin. Apart from cleansing and nourishing the skin, this process tones the muscles and reduces fat by improving the metabolism of the muscles and adipose tissues. It leaves the skin tingling, soothed and soft. 
Add Herbal Body Steam 20 Min $45

Shiro-abhyanga-nasya  60 Min $135   
The Shiro-abhyanga-nasya consists of  head, face and neck massage, followed by herbal oil drops in the nostrils and herbal steam treatment to relieve sinus congestion. This is an excellent treatment to remove tension from the upper body.

Netra Basti (Eyes Rejuvenation Therapy) 60 Min $135, 45 Min $95
Eyes are bathed with medicated herbal oil or clarified butter to release the inner tension of the eye sockets and to soothe the dry wrinkles. This treatment is used to improve eyesight and nourish the nervous system through the eyeball. It brings a glamorous sparkle to the eyes. Netra Basti ends with a short facial massage.

Nasya (Nasal Oil Application for Sinus Rejuvenation)  30 Min $75 (Follow-up Nasya sesssions)
This treatment helps in clearing the sinuses and reducing the pain in face, head and neck. It also reduces dark circles and puffy look around the eyes.

Kati Basti (Lower back Treatment)   45 Min $95  (30 Min $75 add on only)
This therapy is useful for muscle spasms and strengthening the bone tissue of the lower back. Dough of herbal powders is made and placed around the spine of the lower back that looks like a small dam. And then medicated oils are poured in the dam.

Greeva Basti: (Neck Pain Treatment) 45 Min $95  (30 Min $75 add on only)
It involves bathing the back of the neck using warm medicated oil or herbal decoction. It's beneficial in conditions like - Cervical Spondylosis, Chronic pain in the neck region, Compression fractures.

Janu Basti (Knee Pain Treatment), 60 Min $135
In this treatment the knee is bathed in warm medicated oils or herbal decoctions.  It promotes the strength of the knee joint by improving the circulation. It's helpful in conditions like - Pain of knee joint, Osteo Arthrit

Ayurvedic Packages
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Aloe vera Detox Package 1 hr 45 Min $215
Combination of Aloe vera body wrap and Aloe vera facial (customized by adding other natural ingredients like cocnut oil, lime juice, honey, mango pulp etc.) offers perfect detox for the summer.
3 Days Ayurvedic Detox Treat (90 Min Treatment + 20 Min Steam Sauna) $525
Includes - Abhyanga, Herbal Exfoliation, Shiroabhyanga (Head Massage), Nasya (Sinuses Treatment) and Steam Sauna. Treatments may vary each day.

2 Days Ayurvedic Detox Treat (90 Min Treatment + 20 Min Steam Sauna) $350
Relax & Renew Package   2 Hrs $205
 Choice of Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Massage) or Shila-Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Hot Stones Massage), Head Massage, Shirodhara & Armoatic Steam

Sampling Ayurveda 2 Hrs  $190, 60 Min $125
Includes - Gharshana (Silk Gloves Exfoliation), Ayurvedic Massage (Abhyanga),  hand and feet Reflexology, head and facial massage, choice of  Shirodhara or Clean-up Facial.

Ayur Bliss Package 2 hrs  $199
This package Includes: Abhyanga (Ayurvedic warm oil Massage), Hasta-Pada-Abhyanga (Hands & Feet Massage), Choice of  Papaya-Honey-facial or Shirodhara (warm oil on forehead).

Anti-Stress Package, 75 Min. $125 
This package includes 25 Min Padaabhyanga (lower leg and foot massage), 20 Min Shiroabhyanga (head & neck massage), 30 Min Shirodhara (Warm herbal oil drip on third eye)

Absolute Cleanse Package, 2 & 1/2 Hrs, $299
Includes - Abhyanga massage, Herbal Exfoliation, Honey-Lime-Cucumber facial, Foot Salt scrub, Shirodhara.

Ayurvedic Detox Treat, 2 & 1/2 Hrs,  $299
Includes Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Massage),  Gharshana (Silk Gloves Exfoliation), Shiro-abhyanga (Head massage), Pada-abhyanga (Foot Reflexology), Karna Purna (Ear cleansing treatment), Nasya (Sinus Treatment), Choice of Deep Cleansing Herbal Facial or Shirodhara (Warm herbal oil stream on third eye region). Finish with Steam Sauna.

Ayurvedic Anti-Cellulitis Package,  2 Hrs $219,   Package of 5 sessions, $875
Includes Gharshana (Dry silk gloves massage), Vishesh (Deep muscular massage, with special medicated oils for cellulite) and Udvartana (deep pressure massage with dry herbal powders), Clay Wrap.  This treatment is done on the targeted ares. We recommend that you take multiple sessions to get the benefits. This package includes Far-Infrared Sauna Wrap.

Quick-Fix Stress Buster,  75 Min $125
Gharshana (Silk gloves exfoliation), Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage and Clean-up facial -  all together will make you feel few pounds lighter and floating with great energy. 

Ayurvedic Massage & Herbal Exfoliation 100 Min  $175
Ayurvedic Massage (Abhyanga) done with Herbal oil is followed by exfoliation with Combination of dry herbs, flowers, greens, whole grains etc. Apart from rejuvenating, cleansing and nourishing the skin, this treatment tones the muscles and leaves the skin tingling, soothed and soft.
Abhyanga for two, 60 Min $180, 90 Min $260 - Abhyanga is a very beneficial body treatment. Oils and strokes are chosen according to body type and body condition. Some of the benefits of abhyanga are: Reverses, prevents aging and increases longevity · Removes fatigue and stress from work and life overall · Promotes good vision · Nourishes the body and promotes sturdiness· Relieves insomnia.

Relax & Rejuvenate 2 & 1/2 Hrs Hrs  $299
This package includes:-
Ayurvedic Massage & Herbal Exfoliation
Herbal Facial 
Head Massage, Foot Massage, Shirodhara
Herbal Foot Treatment, 30 Min $65, 60 Min $95, 90 Min $140
With Honey Milk Cleansing, Rice and Oatmeal Scrub, Royal Ubtan-Spices-Flowers Mask, Calming aromatic Calves & Feet Massage
This treatment is altogether a divine experience!
It leaves your feet feeling loose and fluid.
You also get a delicious head massage while the foot mask is on.

Gratuities are not included in service prices.
Please note: any gift certificates, issued by us or any third party on our behalf, are not refundable or  redeemable for cash and can not be applied towards any discounted services.